GRAU & ANGULO advises its clients and represents them in the Courts and before official authorities in order to prosecute offences against their Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights.


Specialising 100% in Industrial and Intellectual Property, we have a special Anti-piracy department to protect our clients against imitations and falsifications of their registered interests.

Among GRAU & ANGULO’s activities in protecting clients’ rights and interests against such offences, the following are significant:

  • Appearances in court and private prosecutions in criminal proceedings for offences against Industrial Property.
  • Preparing and filing criminal actions before the Courts for offences against Industrial Property.
  • Filing formal complaints with the police, assisting and cooperating with them in raids and detentions.
  • Assistance in vigilance and control to guard against Internet sales of falsified products.
  • Requesting Customs control and action on a national and Community level.
  • Coordination with the Customs authorities in processing the simplified procedure for the destruction of illicit goods.